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PSA nitrogen machine is a new gas separation technology. ...


Nitrogen generator is an advanced gas separation technolo...

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Micro-thermal adsorption dryer
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Micro-thermal adsorption dryer

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Product introduction:

Micro thermal regenerative adsorption is a desiccant, which combines the advantages of pressure swing adsorption and temperatureswing adsorption, adsorbs (works) at room temperature and high vapor partial pressure, and resolves (regenerates) at high temperature and low vapor partial pressure, i.e. the moisture adsorbed by adsorbent in the process of adsorption depends on the thermal diffusion of gas (heated dry air) and low pressure in the process of regeneration. The two mechanisms work together to eliminate them completely. It has the advantages of high efficiency and low gas consumption. Adsorption wet air enters A drying cylinder through A1 in the lower pipe system and flows up through the adsorbent layer. After drying, the air is discharged from the upper pipe and regenerated a small amount of dry air (about 5%) is discharged into B drying cylinder after decompression through the regeneration gas regulating valve in the upper pipe system and heated by this part of hot air (regenerated gas) into B drying cylinder. The adsorbent in the B tube is regenerated by desorption, and the drying capacity of the adsorbent is restored. The regenerated gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the lower pipeline B2 generator and muffler. After regeneration of sorbent, B2 valve is closed, B drying cylinder is pressurized to online working pressure, ready to switch. Switching lower pipe system B1 valve open, AI valve closed, A2 valve opened, A. B drying cylinder completed switching, B simply into adsorption, A cylinder pressure relief regeneration. The working sequence, working time and heating temperature are automatically controlled by the controller.

Product advantages:

1. Persist in optimum selection, excellent solenoid valves and controllers; Machine adsorbent composition is excellent to ensure long term and efficient operation of the machine.

2. The adsorbent is assembled proportionally with alumina molecular sieve, so that the effect of gas drying is obvious. Perfect intelligent protection device, high and low voltage protection, low temperature protection, overheating protection, automatic alarm shutdown, etc.

3. The adsorbent has a service life of up to 8000 hours, simple operation, low operating cost, sustainable operation and low power consumption.


Seven characteristics:

1. Simple operation 2. Easy to use 3. Economical and applicable 4. Low energy consumption 5. High efficiency 6. Safety and stability 7. Wide application


1. Normal supply of power supply, gas source and temperature conditions required by the machine and normal opening and closing;especially the stability of power supply voltage, nitrogen machine, reduce the damage to the controller and solenoid valve caused by power supply problems.

2. Always pay attention to the pressure of the air storage tank. Keep the pressure of the air storage tank between 0.7 MPA and 0.75 MPA. Do not lower than the rated value.

3. Check the automatic drain every day to avoid blocking and losing drainage function. If blocked, slightly open the manual valve, close the self draining valve and remove the automatic drain, decomposition and cleaning. When cleaning the automatic drain, soap foam can be used to clean it. Strictly prohibit the use of gasoline, toluene, pine perfume and other corrosive solutions.

4. Operators should regularly inspect the three pressure gauges on the machine, make a daily record of their pressure changes for equipment failure analysis, and observe the flow meter and nitrogen purity at any time, so as to maintain the nitrogen purity of the exhaust gas.

5. Operate and maintain the instrument according to the requirements of the code of use. Check the sensitivity of solenoid valve/pneumatic valve, the pressure range of pressure regulating valve, the precision of gas analyzer, the pressure of adsorption culture, the exhaust condition of muffler, the cleanliness of inner tube of flowmeter, etc. from time to time.


Widely used in non ferrous metal heat treatment, chemical industry, rubber industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, metallurgical industry, electronic industry, glass industry, coal industry, aerospace technology support, petroleum industry, plastics industry, textile industry and other industries and fields.

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